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3rd Annual Bandon Community Pasta Gift


We look forward to seeing your smiling faces on WEDNESDAY November 16th. All pickups are at your convenience anytime between 4:30-6:30. Start thinking about how you will be serving this yummy gift a week before Thanksgiving as you prepare for the holiday season.


Beginning today, Monday 11/7/22 though Monday 11/14 please submit your fresh pasta gift order ONLY through this website so that we can begin organizing the

hundreds of local Bandon community fresh pasta gifts for this 3rd annual event.


We sincerely enjoy offering this to our local area Bandon community!

Again, this year, due to the production costs and labor that goes into this giveaway, there is a maximum amount of 4 portions per household. It is very simple to generate more portions than four based on your additional ingredients. If, for some reason, the ordering process allows you to increase your portion request to more than four, additional portions will not be provided.


Our 3rd party software for online ordering charges a flat $1 fee for every transaction along with a $.01 fee for the pasta. We will refund in cash your $1.01 when you pick up your gift.


In the past you have been very generous with gratuities as a thanks, and this year, if you feel the desire,

we will pass 100% of all gratuities to Bandon Feeds the Hungry!


You ask, what do we want in return? Simply nothing, except your gratitude and enjoyment, or, please join us for dinner throughout the year so that we can continue to offer our services and financial contributions to our Bandon community.


Because we offer this gift as a thank you for supporting our entire team and business,

if you posted disparaging comments on social media over the last several years towards our

business practices during covid we will not be filling your order.


Last but certainly not least, just as in the past, your gift packets will include cooking instructions.


Thank you for your excitement about this event! We appreciate your participation, and we look forward to you receiving this wonderful fresh, housemade pasta on November 16th, 4:30-6:30pm.




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