OPEN for Limited Dine-In, Outdoor, and Curbside-Takeout!

We are currently continuing with all earlier Covid19 safety protocols

for everyone including the fully vaccinated.

By entering our restaurant, you are agreeing that you will wear Covid19 appropriate

face-coverings during your entire visit up to and including entering, walking through the facility to utilize the restrooms or otherwise, and while departing.

We recognize your choice to dine elsewhere if you so choose and look forward to seeing you back again in the future.


What we're doing to protect our team, vendors, service providers, and you-our guests:

Due to the size and configuration of Alloro Wine Bar & Restaurant with our close proximity as you're walking to your tables, we respectfully ask and need everyone’s full cooperation throughout dinner service in order to remain operational. If you feel our asking of face-masks or face-shields during this Covid19 pandemic recovery process is over-asking, we respect your choices and hope we will see you back sometime in the future. Our goal, is to enter succeed re-opening fully as seamlessly as possible in order to maintain staying open and continued health.


We look forward to serving you as close to the same manner you have always enjoyed here, however, please refrain from physical contact with our team and please do not approach other tables with guests you may know (per the 6ft distancing protocol requirements).


Please reschedule your reservation for a healthier time in the future if you, or anyone in your party has Covid19 symptoms or exposure. We do ask that you wear a face-mask or face-shield when entering until you have been seated so that the rest of our guests and our staff remain in the safest environment possible. In order to make this as simple as possible, we will provide a new, pre-packaged face mask at no charge to you. Please save the mask to wear again upon exiting the restaurant at the end of your dinner service.


With new limited seating, we request that you call ahead for reservations to ensure seating availability. We have added outdoor seating which we’re thrilled to offer. Due to inclement weather, we are unable to reserve outdoor seating at times. We will certainly seat you outdoors when weather permits. Please do your best to be patient as we learn to work indoors/outdoors along with distancing guidelines which we are all getting used to. As you know, our floor plan is long and narrow which presents our Servers with challenges as our team begins to move around our property in new ways to ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing.


Our team is fully committed to providing everyone with the safest, most sanitary, professional environment. We have a solid history with the Health Department in providing sanitary, safe, healthy practices. We have increased our awareness and practices even further at this time which includes:

  • You will be greeted at the door upon arrival and escorted to either a waiting area or directly to your table. We ask that you arrive as close to your reservation time as possible since we have little foyer room to accommodate multiple guests.

  • Ongoing sanitation protocols of our dining areas including new solitary bussing and serving of tables, used linens removed immediately and now stored outside, pre-wrapped silverware to deter additional touch points along with individual hand wipes.

  • Tables will be set just prior to your reservation or at arrival with no pre-set tables throughout the restaurant.

  • Restrooms, door handles throughout, chairs, tables will be sanitized throughout the entire day/evening/departure/guest changes/employee changes/visitors i.e. deliveries by vendors and service providers.

  • Constant kitchen sanitation practices utilizing all appropriate and safe products to continually maintain all surfaces, tools, kitchen hardware, hygiene, and of course food safety.

  • All guests are to exit our premises both indoor/outdoor no later than 1.5hrs after guest arrival to ensure the safest environment for air flow quality, and, in order for us to turn tables and generate additional revenue to allow us to stay in business at this time.


Thank you for supporting us during this challenging time and we look forward to many joyful evenings while our guests Connect-Savor-Relax

Kindest regards, Susan Hayes, Chef/Owner and Our Alloro Team