COVID-19 and Health Protocols

Face Coverings are Back and Social Distancing Continue

Due to the high costs to close the 4th of July weekend for covid we have had to ensure you

and our team are safe so that we do not have illnesses again.

Do not join us at this time if you have been exposed

or are currently being treated for Covid-19 or its variants.

If you are ill, please join us at a later date.

This applies to everyone vaccinated or not.

Thank you for your ongoing support as we attempt to recover from this pandemic.


   R E S E R V A T I O N S   H I G H L Y    R E C O M M E N D E D   

E A R L Y   W A L K - I N S   W E L C O M E   A S   S E A T I N G   P E R M I T S

We continue to maintain the safest experience possible as masking and social distancing mandates change. Our seating timeframes are a bit shorter so that we may continue to provide as much service as possible to multiple tables in order to remain open for business. Turning a table with additional sanitation requirements takes time and attention between guests.


Please expect and respect social distancing with your servers.

We continue to offer our guests masks at no charge.

We look forward to serving you as close to the same manner

you have always enjoyed here.


With limited seating, and staffing, we continue to request that you

always call ahead for reservations ensuring availability.

All guests require our Host to seat you.

Please be patient as we all work through these times.


03/06/2022 Covid Protocols Update:


Of course we’re asked daily what our Covid protocols “will be” beginning next week 3/11/22 when Oregon state lifts masking requirements etc.


The answer…We will continue to provide the safety I need for my entire team to stay healthy, focused, employed, and fully committed to providing the best service we can during an unsure pandemic in an area that isn’t highly vaccinated and protected against Covid with less medical care available than metropolitan areas. Providing a safe environment for our guests who are both local, and from afar is extremely important.


As we’ve stated since 2020, we appreciate your patronage and we hope you are willing and able to enjoy wonderful experiences here at Alloro. We also appreciate that you have choices and understand that if you feel our protocols for health safety are too stringent for your happiness we know you will find other options for your dining experience. We hope you will join us in the future when we are further past this pandemic.


You may still be asking, so what is Alloro going to do beginning March 11th? We share our expectations when we speak with you during all reservation requests, we share our expectations on our vmail, website, FB. We will not be announcing we’ve lifted our masking until there’s a track record of no uptic in Covid as we proceed through another year of spring and summer breaks.


We have a committed team who prefers masking to getting ill for themselves and their families. Do we want to be masked at all times? No, but for us, it’s not a big deal at this point and we have learned to smile with our eyes.


Thank you to those of you who have continued to support our Covid protocols. We appreciate you more than you may realize!


Here’s to a healthier 2022!

Best regards,

Susan Hayes, Chef/Owner