COVID-19 Protocols Effective July, 2021

Face Coverings Always Welcome!

Do not enter if you have been exposed

or are currently being treated for Covid-19 or its variants.

If you are ill, please join us at a later date.

This applies to everyone vaccinated or not.

Thank you for your ongoing support as we attempt to recover from this pandemic.


J U L Y   2 0 2 1 — I N D O O R   &   P A T I O   D I N I N G

We continue to maintain the safest experience possible as the

non-masking and social distancing mandates are lifted for the first

time since March 21, 2020. Face coverings are optional and we encourage continued social distancing. Our seating spaces and timeframes are still somewhat distanced so that you and our team remain healthy. Turning a table with additional sanitation requirements

takes time and attention between guests.


Please expect and respect some social distancing with your servers.

We continue to offer our guests masks at no charge.

We look forward to serving you as close to the same manner

you have always enjoyed here.


With limited seating, and staffing, we continue to request that you

always call ahead for reservations ensuring availability.

All seatings indoor and outdoor require our Host to seat you.

Please be patient as we all work through these busy times.


We look forward to many joyful evenings with our guests!


Kindest regards, Susan Hayes, Chef/Owner & Team